Cardio and Strength Classes

Looking to combine cardio and strength workouts with the always popular TRX or Insanity classes? Pinnacle Health + Fitness has exactly what you are looking for.


Cardio strength classes combine the best of cardio workouts to help your heart and blood flow with the muscle building workouts that get you abs of steel and a fit looking body! While TRX and Insanity are the most popular, we do offer several other cardio strength classes, including 20/15/10, PINNtervals and PHITT that will help you reach your healthy body goals or just stay in shape!


Join our Cardio and Strength Classes at both Madison and Fitchburg, WI locations



20 minutes of cardio (performed on or around the step), 15 minutes of core exercises (to build those 6-pack muscles), followed by 10 minutes of stretching. The perfect hybrid class! 


This 45-minute suspension-training class will help you discover muscles you never knew you had!  TRX works the whole core all the time, so get ready for great abs and a strong back in addition to a toned, sculpted body!  TRX incorporates strength, flexibility, power, and a little bit of cardio for an awesome, well-rounded workout.


A spin-off of the at-home program, Insanity is a total-body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class that offers low and medium -intensity options for those who want to take it down a notch.  Taught by specially-trained, Insanity-certified instructors, Insanity is easy to learn, requires no equipment and delivers a calorie burn that lingers on long after the workout ends.  Don’t let the name scare you!  This class is for everyone. 


Enjoy the benefits of interval-based training at a pace that works for you!  PINNtervals is a fat-burning, muscle-enhancing total-body workout that incorporates Tabata-style cardio intervals in addition to resistance training and core conditioning.  YOU choose the intensity – Low, Moderate or High – as modifications are always offered in order to guarantee everyone achieves success.


Come enjoy an amazing total body workout. You will get all the benefits of a high intensity interval class while adding body weight exercises and using different equipment to push yourself with an amazing workout. It’s everything you want in a workout plus fun upbeat music!


Build your total body strength with the resistance of barbells, dumbbells and or resistance bands. After strengthening your muscles a mobility based stretch will be offered to help rejuvenate and elongate your muscles that you just worked helping to aid in your flexibility, recovery and injury prevention. This class will challenge your total body strength and increase flexibility.

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