Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

We are happy to announce that Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization NBI has been installed at both gyms.  What is Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization? This technology reduces dust, mold, pollen and odor, but most importantly it kills pathogens and viruses including Covid-19 in the air. 
Why is this important? Long before this current outbreak we knew clean air was going to be critical in providing a safe environment for our employees and members.   This same technology has been installed at the UW Athletic Department and hospitals everywhere.
Pinnacle Health + Fitness was on the leading edge with technology on salt-water pools back in 2004 and now we are again on the leading edge in air quality in the gym.

Mandatory Masks

On Monday July 13th as a result of Dane County and Madison Public Health Department order #8, Pinnacle Health + Fitness will require masks to be worn in the gym. For those using the pools, be prepared to wear a mask when you enter the club and then remove it when you enter the pool. Masks are not required outside the building in the tent or functional fitness area. While the majority of people are able to wear a mask, some people may not for various reasons. For the safety of our employees and others, individuals who cannot wear a mask are welcome to use the outside functional fitness area and the tent in the parking lot when class in not in progress.

The Pools

The new mask policy brings new schedule changes and policies to the pools (including lap swim availability, aquatic group exercise changes, and a modified family swim schedule). For more details.
Please note: While the mask mandate is in place, the indoor pools will be open for lap swim and open swim however effective Monday the outdoor pool will host our Aquatic Group Exercise classes with a modified lap swim schedule. See the full schedule here:
Aquatic Group Exercise questions, contact:
Other Aquatics questions, contact:

Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

In response to the new health department requirements, starting Monday July 13th, we will offer some of our group fitness classes outdoors.  This will allow up to 25 participants in these classes.  Inside classes will be limited to 10 participants.  You will still be able to sign up for classes online and as our new signup system will email you should we cancel a class due to inclement weather.   A tent will be installed Friday July 19th, to offer shelter from rain and sun.  For more information contact our Group Fitness Director Jaclyn.
Members please make sure to plan accordingly to take outdoor classes by doing the following:
  • Bring ample water for yourself
  • Modify/Scale back your workout
  • If you feel dizzy/lightheaded take a break and rest
  • Watch for uneven surfaces
  • If it is lightly raining we can continue the class under the tent
  • If there is thunder/lightening the class with end that moment
  • If there is a chance of bad weather we will make the call to cancel class 1 hour prior to class (a notification will be sent out to those signed up)
Classes that will remain inside are: BodyPump (both locations), WERQ (currently only at Cap Square) and ALL yoga classes along with most Cap Square classes.

Attention Members:


Due to the new Dane County order, we will have changes to classes coming soon. Please watch this space for updates.

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