About Us

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Thank you for considering Pinnacle Health and Fitness! We are truly a community of members and staff who are excited about the benefits of exercise. Here are just some of the other things that make us stand out from your usual local gym:

  1. Flexible gym memberships
  2. Knowledgeable staff + instructors
  3. Clean facilities
  4. Great equipment
  5. Aquatic center with pools, sauna, steam room + whirlpool

We believe that flexibility, resources, motivation, and support are vital to helping people stick with their health and fitness goals. Our team works hard to provide all of these things to our local gym members. Whether you’re looking for a place to exercise on the run or a place to linger for longer workouts, you’ll find that the community emphasis in our club will make you feel right at home. Get fit and stay fit with us!

Take advantage of a fitness community with:

  1. Orientation sessions
  2. Wide variety of group programs and classes
  3. Motivating personal training with personal trainers
  4. Access to 3 different clubs working together

Pinnacle Health and Fitness offers an experience that goes beyond what you’ll find at most local gyms. But if you’re like most people shopping for a gym, you’ll want to step foot inside to get a firsthand look at the quality of equipment, classrooms, and other facilities, not to mention the general feel of the environment. We agree that visiting a gym is great way to make your own decision, so we invite you to stop by Pinnacle Health and Fitness today to see the difference!

Ready to join more than just a fitness club? Contact us to learn more about how you’ll fit right in here or call (608) 278-8118 (Fitchburg) or (608) 442-8118 (Cap. Square) to talk to someone right now!