Group Exercise


Group Exercise to Keep You Motivated

Exercise classes are a great way to stay motivated and accountable, develop good workout habits, and have fun while getting fit. Plus, taking different types of classes is an excellent way to mix up your fitness routine, so that you don’t get bored and fall off the workout wagon.

Research shows that variety in your exercise regimen is essential to improving your health and reaching your fitness goals. We can help you liven up your routine with a huge variety of classes that range from a fiercely-challenging class like TRX, to a more calming format such as Yoga. Our instructors are trained to deliver the best in Group Exercise, so that you get an awesome workout experience each and every time you attend a class.

Whether your goal is to improve your cardiovascular health, sculpt and strengthen your body, increase your flexibility, or simply boost your endurance, Pinnacle’s got the class for you!

  • 100+ Group Exercise classes each week
  • No additional cost
  • Convenient class scheduling options

View the list of class descriptions below to find the Group Exercise classes that work best for you. Then check our group exercise class schedules here.   Click the next link for the Labor Day Schedule.


Cardio Classes

A non-contact, martial arts-inspired cardio-kickboxing
A great Step workout with fun and athletic movements
A true biking experience with the comforts of an indoor studio!
Latin-inspired dance-fitness class resulting in a dynamic workout
fiercely-fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip hop music


Mind/Body Classes

Find inner balance in this soft, relaxing, nurturing practice
Build strength, balance + flexibility in this Vinyasa-inspired class
A faster-paced class to tone your body + discipline your mind


Strength Classes

Strength training with barbells. Nice supplement to cardio training
Strength training – dumbbells, Physio-Balls, body resist. + more
Work your muscles by learning to lift heavier with fewer repetitions
Did you know that your core provides the power behind all the movements of your body?


Cardio + Strength Classes

Move and groove your way to better health with tunes from the 80's to contemporary hits of today, including pop, latin, and a little bit of country. This cardio class is low in impact but high in fun! Movement patterns are easy to follow and taken from a variety of disciplines. YOU choose the level of intensity!
The health club version of the insanely popular at-home workout
Challenging 45 minute class working muscles you never knew you had!
TRX combines with Functional Fitness in this heart-pumping, 45 minute workout
20 minutes of mat-based core work, followed by 20 minutes of TRX exercises
Effective fat loss workout with interval or 'burst' training
Enjoy a 45 minute Express version of BodyPump followed by 15 minutes of yoga-based stretching


Intro Classes

TRX Intro classes are highly recommended before attending regularly-scheduled classes. Intro classes are offered quarterly at the Fitchburg location or please contact our Group Exercise Director at to schedule a session. TRX Intro classes at our Capitol Square location are offered by appointment only with a Personal Trainer.