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2024 Outdoor Pool Opening

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”
The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu

At PHF we meet people every day who have a journey ahead of them.
More recently, we are finding people who have spent the last two years limiting exposure, and for many, this has meant eliminating the gym they used to go to. They wake up to the realization that they lost most, if not everything, they had from a fitness standpoint. The journey back to a better level of fitness seems like a long, arduous journey.
One by one, they recognize signs that their health and fitness levels have suffered. They walk up a flight of stairs and realize they’re winded. They pick up a grocery bag, and it’s heavier than they remember. They walk from their car to a store and feel fatigued. When the lightbulb goes on, the journey back to better health and fitness may seem daunting. Some hesitate to start.
Don’t let that happen to you! Whether young or old(er), the journey back to better fitness and health begins with a single step. Just a few of the important benefits that await once you make exercise a part of your life again include: ·      Feeling better: Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins improve your mood and lead to a happier life and wellbeing. Who can’t use “happier” in their life?
·      Less Stress: Exercise reduces stress. Lifting something heavy, punching a punching bag, and climbing stairs all release stress.
·      Sense of accomplishment: The feeling you get after a tough workout is like no other feeling you get in life. You know you pushed yourself, and that is going to lead to improvement. Who doesn’t want to improve?
·      More endurance: Less fatigue at the end of the day means energy to take on new recreational passions.
·      Fewer illnesses and shorter recovery: A stronger body fights illnesses better than a weaker one. The best part is: these benefits don’t await you at the end of the journey; you’ll see and feel them along the journey.  All you need to do is commit and take the first step. Call or stop by today

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