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Covid-19 Update – February 13, 2021

With the introduction of vaccines, Dane County is entering the next phase of Covid-19.
In light of changes that will occur over the coming months it is important that our employees and members feel comfortable coming to the gym
Up to now limitations have evolved with additional restrictions being added from time to time.  These restrictions provided safety, peace of mind and comfort for a lot of us.  However, with the vaccine getting delivered to an ever-increasing percentage of the population, some restrictions will eventually be dismissed.   This may actually have a reverse effect and create anxiety and concern in some.  So at Pinnacle we want to ensure you that your safety and comfort are still our highest priority.  In order to keep Pinnacle as a safe, comfortable environment for all, we will continue with the following practices for as long as necessary.
  1. 10 participants in warm water classes
  2. Use studio II as a safe zone and limit class participants to 10.
  3. Spray bottles + clean clothes for each member
  4. Close between 2-3 pm for mid-day cleaning.
  5. Movement on Demand 608 will continue to provide at home fitness
  6. Socially distanced equipment
We look forward to seeing old and new faces in the coming months.  If you need a personal trainer to get back on track we have trainers ready to assist you.



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