FT2 Seminar

Lots of people have a fitness tracker but don’t maximize its data

Fitness Tracker 2.0
Fitness Tracker 2.0

Do you own a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, Jawbone, or Apple Watch? Are you getting the results you hoped for or could there be more? Master Trainer Hans Schiefelbein regularly conducts a seminar to help you get the most out of your fitness tracker. And there’s more!

Since early 2016 Hans has been running FT2 Training, a class where participants send their fitness tracker to Hans for analysis. From this data, Hans adjusts the workouts to help each participant reach their goal. In October 2016 Hans offered The Fitness Tracker 2.0 Seminar. This 60-minute session covers what we’ve learned from this class and presents tips and tricks to get the most out of your FitBit, Apple Watch, or other wearable device.

The seminar includes:

  • How do I interpret my data?
  • What should my next goal be?
  • How do I get a complete picture of my health?
  • What are the two apps that Hans uses to maximize progress?
  • Q&A

Cost: $15 Members ($20 non-members)

To find out when the next seminar will be offered, email Hans.