HPS Winter Cyclist Strength Program

January 1st, 2019 – March 31st, 2019

Are you a competitive cyclist, triathlete,  or just someone who wants to be able to get up a hill with your friends?  If you are lacking strength and power on  your bicycle, then our HPS Winter Cyclist Strength Program is just for you.

You will gain strength, power and, speed with this cycling- specific weight lifting program.  All exercises are designed specifically with the cyclist in mind.  You will work your legs and core in a pyramid program that is completely monitored by your trainer. You simply follow the individualized program based on your strengths.

    • INDIVIDUALIZED custom lifting programs for each person after individualized assessment
    • One-on-one assistance in learning techniques of the exercises
    • Weekly workouts with weights and reps already included – you just follow the workout
    • Bi-weekly checkups on progress and encouragement from your trainer
    • Starts January 1st and runs through March 31st
    • 3 Phases within the program:  Build phase, Strength phase, Plyometric phase
    • Everything you’ll need to get you into your best shape for the outdoor cycling season
    • Private Facebook site included, where informational videos and other education will be posted, in order to assist participants with technique and allow private interaction with your fellow teammates
    • Non-member rate includes a 5-month Pinnacle membership

      HPS Winter Cylist Strength Program

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