P.H.F. Holiday Challenge 2017

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, it is extremely difficult to keep the weight off, much less some resemblance of your fitness. As a Master Trainer, this got me thinking: how can I challenge people to not only maintain their current body weight but also get them stronger over the holidays?

Introducing the P.H.F. Holiday Challenge. You have two goals:

  1. Maintain your current weight

  2. Set a personal record (PR) in one exercise

When you sign up for P.H.F. Holiday Challenge, you get four easy to follow workouts each week for 8 weeks. The workouts will be an expert combination of cardio, strength, and interval exercises delivered each week to your inbox. A private Facebook group is in place for tutorials, tips and tricks, and community with the other members. Once per week you can join Master Trainer Hans Schiefelbein at Pinnacle for one of his workouts. And every step of the way you’ll have 24/7 access to Hans – this group is priority at this time of the year!

To participate in the challenge, all you need to do is record your starting weight as of Wednesday November 22nd and set your exercise goal.  Your goal could be a one-mile run, a push-up test, bench press test, or any other exercise that we can measure.

Commit to ending 2017 at the top of your game. Sign up for the Holiday Challenge. Invite a friend. Let’s do this!

This will guarantee you’ll have the Best. Holiday. Ever.

If you have questions, email Hans.

P.H.F. Holiday Challenge

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