Zeenaz Bednar

Specialties: Strength, Nutrition

Hello! My name is Zeenaz and I’ve finally found a way to combine all my passions for science, fitness, and helping people into one! I have my Bachelors of Science in Biology, Masters Certificate in Project Management, and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I am excited to begin this new journey to help you achieve your goals.

My strength journey did not start at the gym, but at home. The weight room at a gym can be an intimidating place for anyone starting out and lo and behold ladies, it is intimidating for many men too!! I’m busy being a Mom to a sassy little girl, a working professional, a lover of hiking, biking, cooking, yoga, an avid podcast listener, and the thought of entering a weight room and wasting precious time on learning how to use the machines, feel sheepish, and then leave without even getting a proper workout in was just not appealing.

Luckily, my inner drive and passion for self-improvement turned me into a sponge for knowledge, and the more I chased strength goals the leaner I got. I started as self-taught and take pride in continuing to stay up to date with the latest science on fitness and health. I have also been lucky enough to learn from other smart coaches and trainers.
The key to results is not by program hopping, but by finding that one person you trust with your health and stay consistent with them. I invite you regardless of your gender or age to start chasing your strength goals with me today. It’s empowering AND fun.