Tara Mccloskey

Specialties: Female Strength Training, Toning

Tara is currently a UW Madison student majoring in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics.  She would like to pair her knowledge of fitness with nutrition to better help clients meet their goals.

Tara’s fitness journey started in young adulthood when she pushed herself to take control of her health.  She began not being able to run a block without getting winded and eventually ran two marathons and competitively raced semi-professionally in Wisconsin State Cycling. Over time she was able to successfully lose weight, get stronger, and reach a new level of fitness.  Endurance sports later led her to fall in love with weight training.

Fitness has been life-changing for Tara and she’s inspired to share those benefits with others.

Tara has experience helping clients achieve their goals, from weight loss, to weight training, to competitive cycling training. Tara’s goal is to empower you through fitness.