Matthew Hanson

Hello, I am Matthew Hanson the fitness director and a personal trainer here at Pinnacle Health + Fitness. Your personal training should be fun as well as informative and enjoyable. Your goals should be achieved and you should have a trainer that delivers on those goals. I can be that person for you.Looking good, feeling good or achieving your fitness goal is important to you, and as your trainer helping you achieve that goal is important to me. Clients that I have trained have succeeded in:

  • Climbing mountain Kilimanjaro
  • Riding their bicycle from California to New Jersey
  • Entered and finished a first running race
  • Losing that last 10 lbs to reach their weight goal
  • Gained self confidence and self fulfillment
  • Have adapted their lifestyle to include and maintain a healthy quality of life through fitness
  • Set personal best times for a 5K run taking over two minutes off.