Keanu Westphal

RBT, NASM-CBT, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Training specialties: Calisthenics, Healthy Eating, Mental Strengthening, Improving Activities of Daily Living

Keanu Westphal is a lively trainer whose takes a challenge head on. He began lifting in high school, opting out physical education and choosing strength and conditioning. He continued to take strength and conditioning classes at Madison College, finding his true passions; calisthenics and behavior. Keanu is a behavioral therapist when he is not personal training. He works closely with his clients as a therapist bettering their daily lives, including physical health. Teaching people that exercising is fun but also beneficial. He worked with personal trainers to teach correct forms, achievable goals, and motivation fo rhis clients. On weekends, Keanu volunteers at a running group with individuals on the spectrum. To relax, he spends time with recreational sports, like softball, dodgeball, and kickball. You can also find him floating on the lakes, doing yoga and calisthenics on his paddleboard. When training, he takes the philosophical approach on training the body helps train the mind. He hopes to continue to strive for his own goals: to be the best version of himself. Keanu brings compassion and empathy to understanding his client’s needs.