Jayme Garrett

Hello, my name is Jayme and I want to share the wonders of water with you!  I’ve been involved with health and fitness more than 25 years and have a passion for water and all it has to offer.

As an Aquatics Personal Trainer, I want to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are, through the use of water’s properties (buoyancy, turbulence, hydrostatic pressure and more) along with specialized resistant tools, designed for the aquatic environment, I will help guide you to the success of your goals whether they be:  Weight loss, Core Strength, Balance, Endurance, Mindfulness and More!

I want to help you accomplish success both physically and mentally and am here to inspire, motivate and guide you on that journey.  1 on 1 or Small Group.

Let me challenge your mind and body and help take you to the next level. So what do you say…are you ready? Come on in and take the plunge!

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