Jaclyn Wilkinson

Specialties: Compound Movements, Effective, Efficient and Fun Workouts

Hello I am Jaclyn Wilkinson. I am happy to be one of the Personal Trainers here at Pinnacle Heath and Fitness. I was born in southern California but have lived in the Madison area my adult life. I started dancing at the age of 3 and danced competitively all through high school.

After graduating high school, I went onto massage therapy school. Once I completed schooling, I was working full time doing massage therapy and returning to my love of dance and started teaching dance classes.

My passion for helping others was growing and, with that, I decided to start training clients to help them with their health and fitness goals. I have been a Personal trainer since 2004. I am passionate about challenging clients to dig deep and push past their limits to hit the next level or goal.

I currently live in Stoughton with my husband Les, twin boys Chane and Parker, daughter Bexley and our dog Chester. I love the sunshine and being outside. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and going out to the family farm. I can also be seen out for a nice run too. In June of 2018 I completed a half marathon here in Madison.

Along with my certification as a Personal Trainer, I am certified in group fitness, boot camp and yoga. My favorite classes to teach are boot camp, HIIT, strength and circuit style. I enjoy the interaction of one on one training and seeing my clients excel at crushing their goals.


I have been a member of another club, and now Pinnacle for 23 years. I’m 64 years old now, with arthritis and chronic pain. I have had many trainers over the years. Many of them were very helpful, but none of them have helped me as much as Jaclyn Wilkinson. She is really excellent at concentrating on the muscle groups that are weak. Jaclyn has me work hard, but never has me do movements that cause severe back pain. She encourages me to keep pushing myself in a way that strengthen my major muscle groups and core. I do not get this pinpointed individual attention in a class.
I am very happy that I have hired Jaclyn during the pandemic. The whole club is extraordinarily clean. Truthfully, continuing my PHF workouts during the shutdown has allowed me to improve my mental and physical health.
I also am thrilled that Julie Sherry, DPT, has moved to Pinnacle. She helps me so very much with musculoskeletal work and dry needling. It’s been life-changing for me.
Pinnacle is my home now for all my fitness and wellness needs. Thank you for being there for me and my husband.
Jeanne B.