Emily Brewer

Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Fat Loss, Holistic Health, Hormone Imbalance

Certifications: CPR/AED, CPT 2023

Emily is a passionate and knowledgeable personal trainer who is committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals. She knows first-hand how poor mental health, injury, and hormonal imbalances can impact one’s health and well-being, and has made it her mission to help others who may be struggling in these areas. After experiencing her own weight loss journey and significant improvements in her mental health, Emily gained a deep understanding of how fitness and nutrition can positively impact one’s life. As a personal trainer, she takes a holistic approach, working with each client to create customized workout plans and offering guidance on healthy habits and nutrition. With Emily’s knowledge and support, her clients are empowered to achieve their desired outcomes and make sustainable lifestyle changes that improve their physical and mental health. Emily is excited to continue helping others experience the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle.
Outside of the gym, you can find Em enjoying a nice bike, hike, or swim. To rest, she loves being cuddled up with her dogs, a dirty chai, and a good book.