Christi Otto

Hello and welcome to my personal website. I hope that I am able to fulfill your needs as a personal trainer. Exercise and nutrition can sometimes present challenges to each of us. Whether in a sports, competition, whether you are experiencing medical complications like heart disease or diabetes, dealing with muscle or joint injuries or just trying to lose that last 10 pounds, sometime we just need a little help. I like to think of myself as your helper to your goal.Majoring in Dietetics/Nutrition at U.W. Madison, I learned about the body and its response to calories and nutrients. Making and maintaining practical changes to your diet are essential in order to consistently eat a healthy and balanced diet. I develop a program that is personalized for you based on your personal goals. The best thing about exercise is that there are no limits to the improvements you can make.Exercise can also be relaxing and replenish the soul. In my Stretching and Relaxing Class, I combine the easier moves of yoga, basic stretching and soothing music to allow you to reach peace and harmony within.

What do you say we get started today? It is as easy as emailing me personally by asking a question or scheduling your free no cost consultation and we can talk all about your needs. I am looking forward to helping you reach your goals.

Accomplishments my clients have made:

  1. Finished their first triathlon
  2. Trained and competed in a half Ironman
  3. Learning how to swim for the first time
  4. Toned up their body by increasing muscle and losing 15 pounds
  5. Developed healthier eating habits by losing 60 pounds

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