Chris Fleming

Specialties: Strength Training, Power lifts, Endurance Training, Power Training

Chris makes his overall goal as a personal trainer to assist and motivate you as a client to achieve your goals. During his career he has helped his clients achieve stability and mobility in their joints, increase their cardiovascular endurance, set personal records through muscular strength and power training, and even lose those last few pounds they wanted to get rid of. His clients have gone on to race in the New York marathon, had success recovering from surgery, and many others have achieved their personal goals (i.e. setting a personal bench press record). He encourages that working out in a fitness environment should be fun and exciting, as well as productive and seeing the results that you are aiming for.

Over the years, his experience in the fitness industry has helped him to assist clients from Los Angeles, California to here in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Iowa and Truckee Meadows Community College where he received his degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. He utilizes his education to understand his clients better and find out what motivates them, as well as educate his clients. He got into the world of fitness at a young age when he took his first strength and conditioning class in high school and he has been with the fitness industry ever since. Aside from his professional career as a personal trainer, he has been actively engaged in sports throughout his life (soccer, cross country running, wrestling, ultimate frisbee, and golf). In his spare time, he likes to further his education in fitness by enjoying the outdoors, learning new health benefits from proper nutrition, and even observing new training methods like strongman and CrossFit events.