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Great place to workout!!!!

Alex Govorukha

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I've been a member close to since Pinnacle first started, 16 years, and have had no regrets. Friendly staff and exceptional trainers who have the expertise to help you get to the next level. I make use of almost all of their equipment and have participated TRX, Dynamic Strength, Master Swim, Body Pump, Insanity, Spin, Turbo Kick and other classes. The instructors keep the material fresh and challenging.

Michael Aguilar

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Kudos to Heidi Meyer-Spidell for creating an amazing aquatics program and, besides being personally inspiring, recruiting a great coaching staff. I have been in the Pinnacle masters swim program for over a year, and Kimberly Goodell's coaching helped me recapture of love of swimming, as well as improving my technique.

When Kimberly moved to California, she left some huge shoes to fill as coach. Karl Barton brings his own inimitable style to the class, while maintaining the qualities of motivating and challenging each individual to achieve a great training workout. I look forward to every class--even at the ungodly hour of 6 am.

I have also used Karl for private swim lessons and personal training. Besides his extensive knowledge of swim and workout techniques and skill in teaching them--which are considerable--the level of his enthusiasm alone could keep a stone afloat.

The entire atmosphere at Pinnacle is friendly and supportive. Yup, I'm a fan.

Liz Zélandais

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I’ve tried many other gyms both in Madison and in other cities, and I really like Pinnacle. The staff is friendly, there’s a good variety of classes and the instructors are motivating and fun. Pinnacle is convenient and comfortable-- it’s got all the amenities I want and is just the right size all while being affordable.

Ellen P. Club Member Since 2013

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Over the years, I've been to several of the gyms/health clubs in the Madison area, and I just wanted to say that Pinnacle easily stands above the rest for the highest-quality facilities, equipment and overall experience. It feels like a big-city, modern health club -- but the staff also make it feel welcoming to every person that comes in. It's been a nice way to "treat" myself during this nasty, cold winter -- and I will highly recommend Pinnacle to anyone that asks.

Jay Storey

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My husband & I just finished the tri-program at Pinnacle run by Kimberly and Julie. The program was excellent! Kimberly and Julie did an outstanding job conducting the session. They are both great coaches with considerable knowledge about the sport and really care about their students making progress and encouraging them to do so. It was a wonderful experience and we both learned a lot!

Deb Kusmec

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I joined Pinnacle Health & Fitness in Fitchburg in May of this year. I had been searching for the right spot to do warm water exercises for a good 2 years. This spring I got in the car and toured 4 of the 5 facilities I had researched that were nearest to my home.

I chose Pinnacle because I was most impressed with the staff, the facility and the variety of classes offered. Staff at Pinnacle were very friendly and knowledgeable. They encourage you to work at your own pace, cheer you on, helping to keep you motivated.

I have been amazed at the changes in my endurance, and over all physical health.

Thank you Pinnacle. Choosing to be a member was a great gift to myself and to my family!

Mary Brinkmann

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One of my mottos is "I love Pinnacle". I have been a member for 4+ years. Pinnacle offers a variety of group exercise classes at convenient times with FABULOUS instructors. My body pump teachers, Vicki and Kristin keep us smiling, motivated and working hard. I use the pool 4-5 times a week and the pool schedule is very accommodating. The staff and the members at Pinnacle are happy, helpful, friendly and make Pinnacle a nice place to be. Again, "I love Pinnacle!"

Meg Cates

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Have been using this gym for about 6 years now and love it. I highly recommend the club. I swim and sauna and use it year around. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The front desk staff are always friendly and sweet. The owner Mike is a great guy and you see him around the gym all the time. He cares about his employees and treats them well, and it shows.

Laura Kuhl