Yoga – Mind and Body Classes

Yoga madison wiThe nurturing practice of yoga is how many find their inner balance and awareness of their own body. Flexibility through yoga is essential for mindfulness of the body when reaching your full health and fitness potential.


We offer several yoga classes including Gentle Yoga, Yoga Flow and Power Yoga.


While less physically challenging than other yoga classes, this relaxing class emphasizes self-awareness, breathing techniques, inner balance, and alignment and honoring your body. Gentle yoga is open to all age levels and is built for those who prefer to move at a slower pace during yoga sessions. A Yoga Mat is required. YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


This Vinyasa-inspired class links your breathing to movement to build strength, balance and flexibility. This class will teach students how to find inner awareness of body, mind and spirit through the traditional poses people usually see with yoga. You will learn many of the popular poses. Yoga Flow will help with core strength.  Appropriate for all levels, with variations offered for beginners and more advanced students.  YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


All levels are welcome, but Power Yoga does employ a faster pace and more difficult yoga poses. Power

yoga classes madison wi

Yoga is a fast-paced class where you will see body toning as well as mindfulness and discipline. There is an emphasis on pose-to-pose fluidity as well as enhanced physical strength and stamina. YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


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