Cardio and Strength Classes

Join our Cardio and Strength Classes including: Functional Fitness, Insanity, TRX, Forever Fit, Ultimate Intervals at both Madison and Fitchburg, WI locations


Dance your way to better health with tunes from the 60’s to contemporary hits of today including pop, latin, and a little bit of country. This low-impact cardio class is easy to follow and great for anyone, since YOU choose the intensity that meets your needs. Muscle lengthening and relaxation will provide the perfect ending to the workout.


This challenging 45 minute class will have you breathing hard and feeling muscles you never knew you had! TRX works the whole core all the time, so get ready for great abs and a strong back in addition to a toned, sculpted body! TRX will incorporate strength, flexibility, power, endurance and core into each circuit-style workout.


Interval or “burst” training is one of the fastest ways to lose fat, preserve muscle and get the most out of your workout time. With Ultimate Intervals, you get it all: 40 minutes of burst training, functional strength exercises and a lengthened cool-down to round out the workout. An array of modifications will be shown so that everyone succeeds. Monday 8:45am class is CARDIO ONLY.


No choreography here, just alternating stations that incorporate cardio and strength work, agility and flexibility drills and more. Exercises are easy-to-follow and functional in nature. Every piece of equipment in the studio will be fair game in order to keep your classes fresh and your body guessing.


The perfect adaptation of the insanely-popular at-home workout, the health club version of Insanity has been designed with the Group Exercise participant in mind

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