Cardio Classes

Pinnacle Health + Fitness’s Cardio Classes at both Madison & Fitchburg, WI locations.


The perfect adaptation of the insanely-popular at-home workout, the health club version of Insanity has been designed with the Group Exercise participant in mind.  Insanity exercises are cardio-based and intended to chisel you from head-to-toe, using your body weight as resistance.  With Insanity-certified instructors, this class gives you a safe, challenging and results-driven experience in a 30 or 50 minute format.  Modifications will be shown throughout class in order to provide the ultimate workout, regardless of fitness level.


BodyCombat is a non-contact, martial arts-inspired cardio-kickboxing program where your ‘Inner Warrior’ is totally unleashed! The class format draws from disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai and Tai Chi. This empowering workout will allow you to strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories right to superior cardio fitness! EXPRESS OPTION is 45 minutes long.


BodyStep is like no other Step class! This format retains the essence of a great Step workout while adding fun and athletic movements to the mix. With sing-a-long music, lots of spunk and effective interval-training principles, you’ll improve cardio fitness, shape and tone your lower body, and improve coordination and agility. What more could you ask for? EXPRESS OPTION is 45 minutes long.


Kick, punch + groove your way to a brand new body in this action-packed, super fun, + effective cardio workout! TurboKick is a unique blend of cardio-kickboxing, sports drills + simple dance moves in a party-like atmosphere. With music that makes you want to ‘move it’, TurboKick will push your fat-burning potential into high gear while improving cardio endurance, agility + muscular strength. Watch out for the Turbo section! EXPRESS OPTION is 45 minutes long.


Experience the ride of your life! Cycling is a fun, athletic workout that closely mimics a true biking experience…all from the comforts of an indoor studio! Speed, terrain and intensity vary in each class, improving cardiovascular endurance and boosting lower-body strength. EXPRESS OPTION is 45 minutes long. Advanced sign up required, space is limited. Intro classes offered monthly Oct – May, check club fliers for dates.


A latin-inspired dance-fitness class that incorporates international music and movements, resulting in a dynamic, exciting and effective workout. The class format combines both fast and slow latin rhythms, allowing participants to achieve a unique blend of cardio and muscle-toning benefits. The moves are fun and easy to follow.

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