FT2 Training

Lots of people have a fitness tracker but don’t maximize its data

Next session starts Monday April 17 (sign up required)

Do you own a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, Jawbone, or Apple Watch? Are you getting the results you hoped for? Or could there be more? The FT2 Series with Master Trainer Hans Schiefelbein is your next step to health and fitness. Fitness Tracker Training is the top level in this FT2 Series.

Since early 2016 Hans has been running FT2 Training, a class where participants send their fitness tracker to Hans for analysis. From this data, Hans adjusts the workouts to help each participant reach their goal. The class is ten weeks long and meets for one hour each week. All participants are required to bring their own fitness tracker and link it to MyFitnessPal. From MyFitnessPal, all participants connect with Hans’ account to be the main hub for all things fitness. The class is structured for participants to send their fitness tracker to Hans, who in turn creates weekly workouts based on participants’ experience and performance. FT2 Training costs $400 for ten weeks of training. Sign up is required and the first session starts next Monday at 6:15am.

Email Hans with any questions or to sign up.