Fitness Tracker Training Spring 2017

Master Trainer Hans Schiefelbein teaches FT2 Mondays at 6:15am

Did you know that wearable technology is the #1 trend in 2017? If you have a FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch, or other fitness tracker, you are in great company. While some of these trackers are more expensive than others, at the end of the day they all worth their investment if they are used properly and to their fullest. Tracking steps is one thing; taking your 24/7 movements and exercise data and developing a custom workout and adjusting your lifestyle is another thing.

Apple Watch vs. FitBit: The Device Doesn’t Matter

In 2016 I used a FitBit and in 2017 I’ve moved to Apple Watch to track my health and fitness. Both are great devices! They both track steps, FitBit is better for tracking sleep, but Apple Watch has coached me to relax and move better. My wife really wants to get a Garmin. It really doesn’t matter which device you get. I suggest everyone who wants to take their health and fitness to the next level get a device and start learning more about their day but more importantly their week and month. We all know life happens and the next thing you know you haven’t worked out for four days. Wearing a fitness tracker has changed my mentality without making me into a fitness crazy-person. When I had the FitBit, I realized how poorly I was sleeping and I learning to connect my sleep (or lack thereof) with my mood and performance on any given day. As I’ve worn Apple Watch, I’ve dedicated myself to listening and responding when it prompts me to breathe (it encourages you to stop and focus on controlled breathing get for one minute). I’ve also listened when it tells me to stand up if I haven’t stood in an hour. Your device will tell you similar things and it’s up to you to listen to it. It’s up to me to coach you through that process through my FT2 Series.

Steps vs. Exercise

One of the biggest issues I see with clients and members tracking their fitness is the focus on steps vs. exercise. Tracking steps is great for beginners like the Sandwich Walker who used walking to lose considerable weight (100 pounds!). I talk about this in terms of exercise adherence: when you’re just gettting into fitness it starts with steps. After you’ve committed to and executed a weekly routine of working out 4-6 days per week, the next step (see what I did there?) is to challenge the body to exercise differently. This is where Fitness Tracker 2.0 comes in. FT2 Training is the third component in the FT2 series. This 10-week class is designed to do three things: (1) teach you the advanced features of your fitness tracker, (2) analyze your weekly workouts and design new progressions to reach your goals, and (3) expose you to new exercise routines, specifically HIIT training. Yes, it’s ok for older adults to do high-intensity interval training.

FT2 Training

For the past year I have taught five sessions of FT2 Training. Members sign up primarily to have a coach look over their exercises and their weekly routines. But they also find great value working with the other class members. I put aside five minutes at the end of class for everyone to check in; every week this discussion carries over past our allotted time. I move on to other clients while class participants keep chatting as long as necessary. This social component has proven to be very beneficial for each member.

FT2 Training starts next Monday (April 17). The 10-week class meets from 6:15-7:15am Mondays. The two requirements are you need to have a fitness tracker and you need to sign up for a free MyFitnessPal account so I can monitor your workouts. If FT2 Training isn’t for you, try 8 weeks of FT2 Online and we’ll conduct our training on the internet – awesome! FT Online is the second component of the Series. Also keep an eye out for FT2 Seminar where I conduct a presentation and Q&A about all things fitness tracker. As always, happy training! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.