Snow Sport Extension 2024

Continue to prepare your body for your favorite winter sport. What’s your winter sport – Down Hill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Ice Hockey or Snow Boarding. Have fun all winter by properly preparing for the demands of your sport. Balance, Core Strength, Plyometrics. Confidence. It is so much more fun to be prepared than to cope with injuries brought on by fatigue. This specialized class will help minimize aches and pains and reduce your risk of injury with consistent snow-sport specific conditioning.  Christine James has taken her successful Snow Sport class and extended its benefits for you!

Spring Sport Extension Classes Monday and/or Wednesday
Location: Studio #1 Fitchburg  Studio #1 Fitchburg
Days of Class Monday  Thursday
Class Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM   6:30 – 7:30 PM
Class Length: 60 minutes  60 minutes
Dates of Classes January 3 – February 29  January 3 – February 29
Member Price: $100.00 or $175.00 for both sessions  
Non-Member:  $120.00 or $210.00 for both sessions
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(No class: Thurs 2/1 and Mon 2/5)*

SnowSport Extension 2024