Mind and Body Classes

Pinnacle Health + Fitness’ mind and body classes including Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga Flow are all available at both Madison and Fitchburg, WI locations.


Find inner balance and cultivate mindful awareness in this soft, relaxing, more nurturing practice. Gentle Yoga allows time

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for more detailed instruction and is less physically challenging than our Vinyasa-inspired classes. Emphasis is on self-awareness, use of breath, proper alignment and honoring the body. Appropriate for all levels or for those who prefer to move at a slower pace. YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


Build strength, balance and flexibility while linking breath to movement in this Vinyasa-inspired class. Students will move through a flowing series of postures while focusing on proper alignment and inner awareness of mind, body and spirit. The sequence of postures may differ from class to class, but may include warm up, some variation of Sun Salutations, a dynamic standing series, balance and/or core work, and various joint openers and stretches. All classes will conclude with final relaxation, leaving you feeling centered and calm. Appropriate for all levels, with variations offered for beginners and more advanced students. YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


A dynamic, faster-paced class that will tone your body while disciplining your mind. Power Yoga consists of an energetic series of Yoga postures done in sync with breath (Vinyasa style), with an emphasis on moving fluidly from pose to pose. The result is enhanced physical strength and stamina, improved flexibility and a calm yet focused mind. All levels welcome, modifications offered for new and advanced students. YOGA MAT REQUIRED.


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