HIIT Tabata Training

We all work out for various reasons. Some of us just want to get our steps in. Others are trying to lose some pounds. Some are trying to finish their first race or set a personal best at a particular distance. Whatever your reason for working out, new research tells us everyone can benefit from […]

Three questions for the competitors

Earlier this month we posted a quick note on Facebook about two of our staff members, Chelsey and Vanessa after they competed in local fitness competitions. We are so proud of them and we wanted to know more. Here’s three questions for the competitors. How would you describe the training? Chelsey: I typically train 5–6 […]

Monday is a Good Day

Monday was a holiday, so of course it was a good day.  I didn’t ride, but I thought about it.  I wondered if thinking about riding counted as training, since I  must have spent 30 minutes just thinking about it.  My Monday Night Ride group is now starting earlier.  We’ve found that the earlier start […]

Protein Powders: How do I buy a safe product? Which one is best?

When choosing a protein powder the choice can be quite difficult.  You see the list of ingredients and get overwhelmed. did the work for you.  They did a comprehensive study of over 675 products and 111 different brands while getting the advice of dietitians and fitness experts.  They considered the concerns of artificial sweeteners, illegal substances and […]