Amanda Parish

amanda-parishHi, I’m Amanda Parish nationally board certified Acupuncturist. I graduated with my Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences. While there I got to study with and learn from some of the best doctors in the world. A highlight was spending time interning at the hospitals in Beijing, China- the birthplace of Oriental Medicine- and seeing how they very successfully incorporate both western and oriental medicine into their healthcare system.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be an Acupuncturist. Out of high school I attended the Univ of WI- Eau Claire, earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and worked in that field a few years. Out of the blue I was plagued with migraine headaches. Traditional methods were unable to help with my pain and suffering. I was referred to an Acupuncturist and there my life was forever changed. My migraine headaches were cured. I started sleeping better and gained energy back I hadn’t realized I had lost in dealing with stress and fatigue from the pain. It became my passion to inform others they don’t have to live in pain if traditional methods don’t work for them or if they want to try an all natural method instead.

I specialize in Stress Relief, Headaches & Migraines, Pain Conditions & Muscular Injuries, as well as Depression & Anxiety. Oriental Medicine uses a holistic method of treating symptoms, it searches for the underlying cause of the weakness or illness and works to rebuild from there. Therefore it can effectively help most any condition with regular acupuncture sessions and lifestyle adjustments. It is my goal to help you achieve your very best state of health and well being.
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