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McNaughton, Wisconsin is where I grew up. For those familiar with the northwoods, McNaughton is about halfway between Rhinelander and Minocqua. In McNaughton, I developed an obsession for exercise that included barefoot running, weight training, canoeing, and athletics. Some of my current hobbies include golf, do-it-yourself projects, nature, woodworking, traveling, blogging, flag football, grilling, tweeting, photography, reading, billiards, video production, and Krav Maga. My mission is to help people realize their ideal body shape, muscular tone, and functional performance. I live this mission through personal training and group fitness classes. The participants I have trained include everybody from young athletes to retired professionals. You will be challenged mentally and physically as I push you to rise to the challenge and enjoy the changes you experience along the journey.Whether your goal is to flatten your stomach or transform yourself for an upcoming event, I can help. Your success is my happiness.


Matt has provided much needed inspiration and motivation to my physical health journey.  I know exercise is good for me but have never found it very fun.  Matt makes it fun and the extensive variety of functional and conditioning exercises he teaches are easy to learn and fun to do.  Matt approaches physical fitness with a professional yet energetic attitude and is very goal oriented.  Matt is always supportive and looks for the right options to give each individual the best workout they need based on their current abilities.  Nate Novak


Working with Matt Furyk and the Pinnacle Health & Fitness Team has been life-changing. After several back injuries and shift to a more desk-oriented career, I made a decision toMatt F testimonial photo get back into the gym. After my first one-on-one consultation with Matt, I was convinced that a successful conclusion to my story would involve this guy. As someone who is quite good at making up excuses for not following through on taking care of my health, having Matt at my side has been critical to my improvements to date. With his complete understanding of the issues affecting my back, Matt was able to create a program to both protect and restore the areas of my body most exposed to injury and strain. Subsequently, the legacy aches and pains from these years-old injuries are virtually gone, I’ve lost 20 pounds, increased my strength, endurance and flexibility. He has basically molded me like clay to the man on the stepper you see in the picture before you. Men’s Health September 2014! Woohoo!”

 Matt helped me to start down the path to being a healthier me.  Was the training easy? In a word No.  I know that it sounds worn-out but anything worth doing never is.  If it was easy, then what would have the challenge been?  Part of why I did this was to challenge myself to become a better me.  Matt was there to challenge me and bring ideas to me that would challenge what I thought I could do.  I found that I did have the strength, both mentally and physically, to do the tasks that he put forth.  Perhaps what the biggest thing he did was that he never allowed me to give-up on myself.  Matt was always offering encouragement when I needed it.
Was the training tough?  Yes.  Different things, of course, had different levels of difficulty but again if it was easy then what is the point.  There were some things that he had me do that surprised both him and I  (cargo ropes).  Sure the training was tough, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  What made the work-outs nice was that it was never the same thing twice.  The variety kept it interesting.  Interesting kept it fun.At the end of every session, I felt tired, but I also felt better than I when I started.  The program gave me the confidence that I could do tough tasks, but also gave me the confidence that I can finish what I started out to do.  This was not only a benefit to me physically, but also mentally.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.   Matt and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and will work you hard.  It is always a pleasure to go to Pinnacale.  Everyone is ready to help you and even if you are there on your own, they will stop by to say “Hi”.
Doug H

I began working with Matt while earning my BA of Education at UW-Madison. He was able to accommodate my heavy class schedule and busy personal life. I am proud to say I have lost fat and have a toned, healthy body! Jill D

I felt very fortunate to of started working out with Mat last fall.  Before we even got started he interviewed me regarding my goals and perceived level of fitness.  I causally mentioned during the interview that I was going to hike the Grand Canyon in 6 weeks.  The next time I saw Matt he had mapped out a elaborate strength and conditioning schedule that was tailored to my upcoming adventure.    He pushed me further than I could ever push myself on my own.  He changed the routine daily to make it fresh, targeting all the muscle groups that I would be calling on in the Canyon – which was all of them.  I noticed dramatic changes in my endurance and strength within a few short weeks.  The hike was spectacular.  It was incredibly technical, challenging me one step at a time.  Thank you Matt, for kicking my ass into shape. Gary R 

Looking for a trainer to work with is like finding the perfect shoe. You want to feel comfortable with them. I had tried other trainers but was not feeling the results that I was looking for. I began working with Matt through small Group Training. Matt listened carefully to what my likes/dislikes/motivations were and helped to build my fitness training around that. I appreciate the accountability of Matt’s program which allowed me to challenge myself and enjoy coming in to workout with him. I have enjoyed working with Matt and look forward to continuing my work with him. Katie G

What can I say about Matt Furyk?  Well, for starters, he’s an EXCELLENT personal trainer!  He goes above and beyond to ensure you are successful in reaching your weight loss and general health goals!  Upfront, Matt takes quality time to discuss your goals, health concerns, and physical abilities.  Then, he takes that information and builds a program that’s customized just for you.  He continually researches new techniques, stretches, nutrition, and the like just so he can provide his clients with amazing, fast results!  If he sees that the program needs to be modified to fit individual needs, he does so, accordingly!!  He’s the kind of personal trainer that will become more than just a trainer.  He’s become my friend; someone I can go to for advice and not just for weight loss and health goals! I used to have a hip problem that was painful, constant, and something I thought I was going to have to live with the rest of my life.  Because I was honest with Matt about my physical ailments, he actually designed my workouts to improve my hip and taught me stretches that I now use on a daily basis!  My hip problem has subsided GREATLY!  I no longer go to the chiropractor! Working out with Matt was awesome!  I miss it very very much!!!  He challenged me, pushed me, and supported me every step of the way.  He is a lot of fun and if he sees you are dedicated, he will dedicate himself to your success! Anna