High Performance Spinning is back!

High Performance Spinning (HPS) is back for another year. Join this premier class if your ambition is to improve your biking over the winter. Lead by Matt Hanson, this is the longest running class at Pinnacle. You can train on your own bicycle with one of our 20 Fluid trainers or bring in your own […]

Back to School Workout

Kids are back in school. The summer was good but students definitely will need a refresher in their first week back in classes. Back to the basics! This simple workout will take your fitness back to the basics also. A well-rounded exercise routine will have pushing, pulling, squatting and some agility. Adjust exercises and sets/reps […]

The Afterburn Effect

It’s back! “The Afterburn Effect” taught by Hallie Ringhand, Fall 2017 session Experience one of today’s hottest fitness trends right here at Pinnacle Health and Fitness – heart rate based training! The Afterburn Effect consists of results-producing, stress-reducing, endorphin-enhancing movement that prompts the body to burn fat at an accelerated rate both during as well […]

Client of the Month John Stathas’ KB Workout: Single KB Complex Smoker

At Pinnacle we love kettlebells. John really likes kettlebells. We asked our client of the month to share one of his KB workouts. He gave us the Complex Smoker. Do 4 rounds of the following kettlebell complex per side. No rest between movements; go thru the whole sequence on one side before switching. Rest approx […]